Definition of forerib in English:



  • A cut of beef for roasting, containing the rib from just in front of the sirloin.

    • ‘A whole forerib would feed slightly less, but be every bit as good.’
    • ‘Although more tender than some of the cheaper cuts, the forerib still needs cooking for longer than premium joints.’
    • ‘We are planning to eat one of the beef foreribs next weekend as a decadent birthday treat for my man and I discovered a quite splendid sounding sauce made with oxtail and red wine so I bought a piece of oxtail but that was all - £3.40’
    • ‘He can get aged Scottish beef foreribs for a fraction of the price he was offered in the city's West End, and he has not yet once paid for stock bones.’
    • ‘Additionally, a range of beef products including sirloin, foreribs, minced and diced beef are normally procured in the UK along with other meat and poultry produce.’
    • ‘Is a version of garbure made with cubed pumpkin; the ham bone is replaced with some beef foreribs; allow an extra hour cooking time.’
    • ‘And when, if ever, have they ever beheld the spectacle of a whole roast forerib or sirloin of beef-on-the-bone, ribs arching for the sky, blackened with caramelised meat sugars, primal, succulent, and oozing pink juices.’
    • ‘The first time I had a forerib was at St John… Like your story, there was almost weeping involved.’