Definition of forequarters in English:


plural noun

  • The front legs and adjoining parts of a quadruped.

    • ‘Bison are distinguished by their low horns, rounded forehead, and greater height of the forequarters compared with the hindquarters.’
    • ‘The bone of the forequarters must be very heavy in relation to the size of the dog.’
    • ‘The forequarters and hindquarters must be in balance with each other for the purpose of correct gait.’
    • ‘Neither is seen very often and their stocky body types and powerful forequarters are somewhat similar.’
    • ‘The difference in weight distribution between forequarters and hindquarters is due to the weight of the head and neck.’
    • ‘Next lower part of the neck and left flank, after this; belly, right flank, forequarters, backquarters and tail.’
    • ‘A dragon figure occupies one side of the tree, its forequarters resting on the base and its undulating, ropelike body (part of which is now missing) extending upward.’
    • ‘It appears to depict a bison's head and forequarters attached to a humanlike body.’
    • ‘The eggshell collapsed on one side, spilling out the creature within, or at least its forequarters.’
    • ‘We generally use this line of influence to direct turns or any movement of the forequarters or hindquarters off the primary line.’
    • ‘A balanced dog will have forequarters and rearquarters angulation that work well together.’
    • ‘Reach of stride of the foreleg is dependent upon correct angulation, musculation and ligamentation of the forequarters, together with correct width of chest and construction of rib cage.’
    • ‘This gives a chestiness, and strength of forequarters, yet not of the ‘Bulldog’ chest.’
    • ‘The forequarters have flat, somewhat sloping shoulders and high withers.’
    • ‘Her neck flows well into her forequarters and she has a good deep chest.’
    • ‘He has good reach in his forequarters and strong drive with his hindquarters.’