Definition of foreperson in English:


nounPlural forepersons

  • A foreman or forewoman (used as a neutral alternative).

    • ‘Daily tailgate meetings are held by forepersons and weekly safety meetings by the manager.’
    • ‘The chief judge in the county testified at a hearing that he handpicked the forepersons based on whom he knew and liked.’
    • ‘It depends on who the foreperson is and how the foreperson takes them through it.’
    • ‘Normally, questions from the jury are part of the public record since they are submitted in writing by the jury foreperson.’
    • ‘And of course, one of my favorites on the appellate grounds is removal of the two jurors, including the foreperson in this case.’
    • ‘At the trial's conclusion last Tuesday, the jury foreperson, an unidentified black woman, wept as she read out the verdicts - one for each of the four schoolgirls.’
    • ‘The first madame foreperson was Pallas Athena.’
    • ‘We the jury in the above entitled cause fix the penalty at life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, date, signature for the foreperson.’
    • ‘Fifty of the judges and sixty-three of the forepersons responded to the survey.’
    • ‘Evidently, there was a - a man who was the jury foreperson.’
    • ‘The X factor is, you do have this doctor/lawyer on panel who's the foreperson and he may put them through it all again.’
    • ‘County Louth based contractor with a turnover of €10 million requires a foreperson for Public Works schemes to the value of €5 million each.’
    • ‘Unless we know how and why the circumstance that were relating to the removal of the foreperson, unless we know the answer to that, it's impossible to know whether or not there's grounds for appeal.’
    • ‘I think, to focus on something Trent said earlier, the fact that our foreperson came in dressed today in sweats to me indicates, number one, there's some sort of contentious argument going on in that jury room.’
    • ‘The absence of time and dissension over selecting a foreperson may enable the jury to devote its attention to dissenting on more important issues.’
    • ‘And I looked behind me and I realized that the person sitting directly behind me was the foreperson.’
    supervisor, overseer, superintendent, manager, boss, team leader, line manager, controller
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