Definition of forepeak in English:



  • The front end of the hold in the angle of the bows of a ship.

    • ‘Sleeping in the forepeaks with my behind tucked on the starboard bow quarter I could feel the hull flexing as the rig squeaked in the waves and the gusts.’
    • ‘Aft of her forepeak she has an engine room which has three Mitsubishi engines.’
    • ‘There's the forepeak, up in the boat's bow, with the chart table set by the forward windows: the ‘saloon’ a little further back, a deep, square ‘room’ littered with comfortable cushions.’
    • ‘The bow no longer ramps down from the bridge to the forepeak, and all mooring equipment has been moved to a lower deck where it is hidden by panels which are only opened when the ship needs to anchor.’
    • ‘There are two complete heads in the aft of the yacht, one in each ama, and one in the forepeak for a total of 5 complete heads.’