Definition of foreleg in English:



  • Either of the front legs of a four-footed animal.

    • ‘One thing that is quite bizarre about the tyrannosaurs are their tiny little forelegs.’
    • ‘Smaller, bonier forelegs can be cooked with the hind legs or reserved for stock or soup.’
    • ‘Female rejection behavior also may carry costs in terms of increased predation risk, energy expenditure, or wing injuries inflicted by spines on the male's forelegs.’
    • ‘This was horrible enough, but what made her all the more terrible to behold was the single foreleg she held in front of her.’
    • ‘On the day after the final molt, each male was weighed and the tibia-patella length of a foreleg was measured while he was anesthetized with CO 2.’
    • ‘The individual parts of the forelegs are in proportion with one another as well as with the body.’
    • ‘This disease is also caused by a less-than-ideal fit between bone and joint, this time between the foreleg and the upper arm.’
    • ‘The thickness and width of the foreleg, taken at the exact center of the foreleg bone, were measured.’
    • ‘Near the end of the closure, most females at Presque Isle turned around and broke down the top and sides of the entrance with the forelegs and mandibles.’
    • ‘The flies' preference for attacking cattle's forelegs can also render ineffective such animal treatments as back rubs and ear tags.’
    • ‘The male orients toward the female, follows her, taps her abdomen with his foreleg, extends and vibrates his wing, licks her genitalia, and then mounts her and initiates copulation.’
    • ‘Males have a matt black coat, with white socks and a widening black stripe on the front of their forelegs.’
    • ‘Our arms were our forelegs; our own legs, with straight knees, came behind, and, backsides in the air off we went, the tins making a lovely scrunchy sound on the track.’
    • ‘The animal threw up its forelegs and plunged ahead in a frantic lopsided gallop, kicking like a donkey, dragging the carriage from one side of the highway to the other.’
    • ‘He's got a hairline fracture in his foreleg, nothing a little time won't heal, which is good.’
    • ‘As the device is body mounted it causes no negative interference with the forelegs of the horse.’
    • ‘Tomorrow sees a test of a different kind, her first race on a turning track, which in itself offers a new challenge to a filly whose bent forelegs have received almost as much publicity as her achievements.’
    • ‘One female searched in various spots from 1050 to 1149 hrs before she began digging with the mandibles and forelegs.’
    • ‘After he had his fill, the mantis gave his foreleg several swift jerks and freed his leg.’
    • ‘Punctures of the abdomen were made medial-ventrally, and punctures of the thorax were made laterally at the base of the left foreleg.’