Definition of foreignness in English:



  • See foreign

    • ‘However, having struggled with the nuances of the American language, I have found it more beneficial to adapt to my alien environment rather than advertise my foreignness with a pint of beer and a fresh rendition of ‘Rule Britannia’.’
    • ‘There was this very basic familiarity - and then utter foreignness.’
    • ‘But the fact that they were able to make their displeasure felt in a way that deterred further crackdowns is a testament not to their foreignness but to their newfound political clout.’
    • ‘The foreignness sharpened his wonderful gift for description, the intensely alive portrayal of character, what he called ‘the experience of the encounter’.’
    • ‘You can be born in Swindon and still have that sense of slight foreignness, alienation and critical detachment from the society in which you live; a sense that is essential to being an intellectual.’