Definition of foreign exchange market in English:

foreign exchange market


  • A stock market in which the currencies of other countries are bought and sold.

    ‘the euro has been buoyant in foreign exchange markets’
    • ‘The principals could not cope with volatility in the foreign exchange market.’
    • ‘To gather information on the factors influencing traders, dealers in the Australian foreign exchange market were asked to complete a questionnaire.’
    • ‘The latter variables are the two main determinants of costs in the foreign exchange market.’
    • ‘This suggests the need for renewed dollar depreciation, hardly what the foreign exchange markets appear ready to accommodate right now.’
    • ‘With around $1.5 trillion swapping hands every day, the foreign exchange market is a natural to enter the online exchange arena.’
    • ‘What was not expected was the reaction in the foreign exchange market.’
    • ‘A declining dollar in foreign exchange markets may soon rekindle the inflation fever.’
    • ‘The economy is linked to the rest of the world via a foreign exchange market.’
    • ‘Foreign exchange transactions are carried out over the telephone or on computers which link national foreign exchange markets around the world.’
    • ‘There is not a single location for the foreign exchange market.’