Definition of foregather in English:


(also forgather)


[no object]formal
  • Assemble or gather together.

    ‘most of the students had foregathered by this time’
    • ‘The interlude of peace as all the naked refugees foregather in an ineffectual attempt to understand their destiny is all too brief.’
    • ‘During the holidays a horde of in-laws forgathered at Dark Acres to play cards and gossip about horses.’
    • ‘Officers will foregather at City Hall at 2.15 p.m. before travelling.’
    • ‘Ten years out of school, three former high-school chums foregather in an East Lansing motel room.’
    • ‘Twenty-five years later they met again in Glasgow where, after more ‘foregathering’, they attempted to chuck stones into the outstretched hat of the statue of James Oswald MP in George Square, luckily without being arrested.’
    • ‘Because for hours upon the 28th of April 1923, North London was in utter chaos because so many people had foregathered at Wembley to see this magnificent new stadium which had just been constructed.’
    • ‘The Council took the view that states had a duty to suppress terrorist activity and to comply with any request for help in putting down adventurers forgathering within their jurisdiction.’
    • ‘The cannonade from the fleets was so violent that people along the west coast of Jutland were prevented from sleeping during the whole night, and foregathered on the beach.’
    • ‘Nationalist stalwarts foregather in Elgin tonight to adopt their candidate for the forthcoming Moray by-election, now declared for April 27.’
    • ‘This is just one of the many fascinating tales which are told and re-told wherever metallurgists foregather.’
    • ‘He is baited and mocked in South Boston, Little Italy, and wherever papist brutes foregather.’
    • ‘Clearly, this meme was not going to be one that ‘replicates by symbiotically infecting human minds and altering their behaviour ‘, and I would become a laughing stock wherever memeticists foregather.’’
    gather, collect, congregate, assemble, come together, get together, converge, convene, rally, rendezvous, muster, meet, mass, amass, crowd, throng, cluster, herd, group, bunch, swarm, huddle, mill
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Late 15th century (originally Scots as forgadder): from Dutch vergaderen.