Definition of forefoot in English:


nounPlural forefeet

  • 1Each of the front feet of a four-footed animal.

    • ‘They have short tails and limbs, and both the forefeet and hindfeet have five digits.’
    • ‘The forefeet have 4 functional digits, and the hindfeet 5.’
    • ‘The forefeet have 5 digits, but the thumb is reduced in size. The hindfeet have five functional digits.’
    • ‘The forefeet have extremely long and strong claws that are used for loosening packed earth.’
    • ‘The forefeet have 4 digits and the hindfeet 3, and each toe is tipped with an almost hoof-like claw.’
    • ‘In their search for food, most of which is comprised of burrowing rodents, badgers tear up large areas of earth with powerful digging claws on their forefeet.’
    • ‘The forefeet have five toes (with a few exceptions), but two or three predominate and have long, sharp, curved claws.’
    • ‘On inspection, the foot has an ‘up and out’ appearance, with the dorsal forefoot practically touching the anterior aspect of the ankle and lower leg.’
    • ‘On the forefeet, digits 1 and 2 are opposable to 3-5.’
    • ‘Well, we seen prints of a big man here and there riding a large horse with a chip on the left forefoot.’
    • ‘The forefeet have 4 functional toes, and the hindfeet 3 (digits 1 and 5 are present but reduced).’
    • ‘Most species have three digits on the hindfoot and three or four on the forefoot, but in some only a single digit, the third, remains.’
    • ‘Clumsy on the surface, because of its short legs and rotated forefeet, the animal is capable of tunnelling through loose soil at considerable speed by using its forefeet as earthmovers.’
    • ‘The forefeet and hindfeet have 3 large digits; the pollex and hallux are reduced in size or absent and the fifth finger is very small.’
    • ‘Their feet are broad and the toes are tipped with enlarged claws; the claws on the forefeet are especially well developed.’
    • ‘The fatty digital cushion is smaller in the rear foot than the forefoot in both African and Asian elephants.’
    • ‘It gave three quick kicks to its right cheek with a forefoot, scratched the smallest itch.’
    • ‘The forefeet have four toes, which are easily maneuverable and used for grasping.’
    • ‘Four toes are found on the forefeet, which lack webbing.’
    • ‘It was crouched on all fours, its strangely formed hands with three fingers and a thumb acting as the forefeet on a crocodile, while the tail slithered like a snake's would.’
  • 2The foremost section of a ship's keel.

    • ‘The single engine, semi-displacement hull form with deep forefoot and a long deep keel actually more closely resembles Down East-style workboats and cruisers.’
    • ‘The full-length keel aids in directional stability as well as dampening roll and the deep forefoot helps to prevent pounding in choppy seas.’
    • ‘The ‘IRIS II’ has been designed on traditional lines with quite a square forefoot to give as much keel length as possible, and a transom stern.’
    1. 2.1 The foremost section of a shoe.
      • ‘It also provides ample cushioning with shock-absorbing HydroFlow technology in the heel and forefoot, and has a water-repellant upper.’
      • ‘To restore your natural biomechanics, these Body Geometry shoes add a wedge under the forefoot that tilts the foot back to the lateral position.’
      • ‘‘When you jump rope, all the impact is going to be on the forefoot, and running shoes are designed for just the opposite, with all the shock absorption in the heel,’ Cunningham says.’
      • ‘A stiff plastic plate runs from the forefoot to the midsole - then flares up into ‘wings’ near the heel.’
      • ‘If you like to feel the road beneath you (some runners and walkers swear it makes them faster), choose a shoe with slightly thinner midsoles and less voluminous cushioning inserts under the heel and forefoot.’
      • ‘Hinged between the second and third wheels so it bends at the forefoot like a running shoe, it provides a better push-off than normal skates as well as superfast acceleration.’
      • ‘Support straps in heel, midfoot and forefoot keep foot stable.’
      • ‘The rubber on the forefoot needs to be softer to cushion the ball of the foot and provide a greater feeling of comfort.’
      • ‘A thin, tough insert under the forefoot protects your feet from rocks.’
      • ‘The result is the new ‘lightweight armor’ shoe, which has a flexible forefoot and a rigid heel.’
      • ‘Compared to all other tennis shoes available, it had an extra wide forefoot on the outsole, which gave support when hopping from side to side.’
      • ‘They were quite taken with the Stability Web support system in the midfoot, which provides outstanding structure yet allows the shoe to maintain its overall flexibility, especially in the forefoot.’
      • ‘A smaller front ratcheting buckle keeps the forefoot centered over the base plate of the binding.’
      • ‘The valgus insole had a wedge under the lateral heel and forefoot.’
      • ‘Women with high arches often need sneakers with extra cushioning in the forefoot; women with flat feet, more stability in the heel.’