Definition of forecastle in English:



  • 1The forward part of a ship below the deck, traditionally used as the crew's living quarters.

    • ‘This had enabled the crew to reach the fo'c's'le, bridge and engine room in the stern area, because when fully laden in heavy seas the San T's deck would have been awash.’
    • ‘The crew's quarters would traditionally be in the fo'c's'le, while officers would be quartered amidships and at the stern.’
    • ‘‘Heads’ was the name given to that part of sailing ships forward of the forecastle and around the beak which was used by the crew as their lavatory.’
    • ‘When I woke up, I was on my bed in the forecastle, the crew's cabin.’
    • ‘After checking to be certain all was in order, he turned jauntily to the forecastle, where the crew had stowed the ex-prisoner on a spare bunk.’
    1. 1.1historical A raised deck at the front of a ship.
      • ‘There is no standard location, but bells would often be mounted on the back of the fo'c's'le or on the front of the wheelhouse.’
      • ‘Cut clean off aft of her forecastle, it can't be missed as you navigate along the southern port side of the wreck.’
      • ‘Those of the crew not gathered at the stern held on for dear life to whatever they could or scrambled to the front of the forecastle to brace against it.’
      • ‘A small pocket puts up a brave front on the forecastle, while the remainder of the surviving crew has retreated below decks.’
      • ‘Even getting food from the galley to the forecastle (at the front of the ship) was a tremendous job.’