Definition of fore-end in English:



  • 1The front part of something, especially a ship.

    ‘the ship was bow down, due to the fore-end being flooded’
    • ‘As the torpedo struck her forward magazine, the explosion blew away all the fore-end structure below the waterline.’
    • ‘The rooms at the forward end of B-deck were ventilated by windows while the passageways were ventilated by the windows at the fore-end.’
    • ‘On the main deck from forward: fish handling area with trawl winch at fore-end and a deckhouse.’
    • ‘The design for the fore-end of the submarine had to be married to the American stern, where the machinery spaces were so crowded that scale models were built to ensure that all would fit together.’
    • ‘I came out on the quarter-deck and, going forward, I was met by the profound silence of the fore-end of the ship.’
    bow, bows, stem, fore, forepart, front, head, nose, cutwater
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    1. 1.1 The front part of the stock of a gun, supporting the barrel.
      ‘keep a strong grip on the fore-end of a pump shotgun’
      • ‘The wood is exceptionally well-figured walnut with both the fore-end and grip area nicely checkered.’
      • ‘Put sand bags under stock's fore-end and under the pistol grip.’
      • ‘One simple solution to fit for the hunter or casual shooter - if the stock seems too long, grasp the fore-end closer to the action.’
      • ‘With a true splinter fore-end, the shooter is cradling the barrels rather than the stock.’
      • ‘The shooting (right) hand holds the rifle above the pistol grip and the fore-end of the stock is cradled in the crook of the left arm.’