Definition of forcefully in English:



  • 1In a strong and assertive manner; vigorously.

    ‘he argued forcefully against reform’
    ‘the government need to act forcefully on this issue’
    • ‘This strikes home most forcefully in the battle sequence.’
    • ‘Many of the figures are spray-painted solid gold, to enable their power to radiate more forcefully.’
    • ‘A more forcefully modern rejection of the courtly Petrarchan tradition could scarcely be made.’
    • ‘The preconceptions on which such views are built are forcefully challenged by him in an article this month.’
    • ‘The movie is funny, yes, but never forcefully.’
    • ‘The intense focus on HIV/AIDS this last week impacted forcefully on the visual arts scene.’
    • ‘Ironically, it is the much maligned "rhythm" of his own account that comes most forcefully to the surface.’
    • ‘She paints sharply peculiar yet forcefully compelling human faces.’
    • ‘He underplays constantly, but he does step up to the plate to assert himself forcefully from time to time.’
    • ‘What comes across forcefully from the book is the extent to which Godwin did not aspire to the role of intellectual.’
    1. 1.1 Using considerable physical strength or violence.
      ‘he forcefully shoved her back into the wall’
      ‘exhale forcefully through your nose’
      • ‘He ran ahead, but something forcefully collided into his back, making him drop the plastic case.’
      • ‘With her free hand, she was gripping his chin and forcefully turning his face towards hers.’
      • ‘Her performance had fine details, like how she forcefully clasped her mother's hands as if to silence her prophecies of doom.’
      • ‘She swung it open forcefully, finding herself face-to-face with a beaming Michael.’
      • ‘He forcefully turned her arm over, and slowly a grimace spread over his face.’
      • ‘He pushed the quilt forcefully away from him and leaped out of bed.’
      • ‘I forcefully stabbed my egg roll.’
      • ‘Biting her lip, she tried to push past him, but he forcefully grabbed her by the arm.’
      • ‘Forcefully, I pushed my foot into my favorite sneaks and rushed out towards the field.’
      • ‘For the last breath, exhale through the mouth forcefully.’