Definition of forced march in English:

forced march


  • A fast march by soldiers, typically over a long distance.

    • ‘He's a wiry, medium-size man, with a spiky two-week growth of beard and the hollow-eyed stare of a soldier on a long forced march.’
    • ‘Special general units have the ability to inspire your soldiers to defeat the enemy, and allow your troops to execute distinctive battle plans, such as ambushes, setting up entrenchments and forced marches.’
    • ‘Young soldiers practiced field firing and went on six-kilometer double-time forced marches in full combat gear in mountainous terrain.’
    • ‘The forced march ended on September 23 when the expedition met the Nez Perce tribe.’
    • ‘On landing the 7th Battalion of 5th Brigade begins a forced march towards Pegasus Bridge, to reinforce the glider force.’
    • ‘The competition consisted of stands and activities beginning with a 15 km forced march in hot and humid conditions on day one, followed by a night navigation exercise.’
    • ‘You learn it by leading your platoon at night on long forced marches over terrain you have never seen before.’
    • ‘After a forced march to a prisoner of war camp and a period of time there, during which he suffered from torture and near starvation, he escaped and traveled on foot through the jungle.’
    • ‘This was not a forced march of compliant soldiers doing their duty.’
    • ‘An ill-timed short forced march or an assault will play in the enemy's hands.’
    hike, trek, tramp, slog, footslog, walk
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forced march

/ˌfɔːst ˈmɑːtʃ/