Definition of forced landing in English:

forced landing


  • An act of abruptly bringing an aircraft to the ground or the surface of water in an emergency.

    ‘both engines failed and the aircraft made a forced landing in a field’
    • ‘After about four hours of instruction doing takeoffs, steep turns, stalls, and forced landings, I was on my own.’
    • ‘Once that decision was made, I began setting up the aircraft for a forced landing and my glider flying experience kicked in.’
    • ‘It was initially thought that the damage sustained in the forced landing and subsequent saltwater drenching would preclude another restoration to airworthy conditions.’
    • ‘Subsequently, a forced landing was executed in a field.’
    • ‘Andrew and Martin were both shot down and one jumped while the other made a forced landing in the water.’
    • ‘I am equally sure she didn't make a forced landing in the sea.’
    • ‘Aircraft 43, which had to make a forced landing 20 miles short of Las Ascencion, arrived at Colonia Dublan at 0800.’
    • ‘Students practice standard taking off and landing, gliding, precautionary forced landings, simulated engine failures, stalls and aerobatics to name a few skills.’
    • ‘Many more were severely damaged necessitating forced landings in Allied territory.’
    • ‘This was to be a show, but also a cadet competition in short field landings, simulated forced landings, instrument flying and aerobatics.’
    • ‘His plane had been shot up a bit in a previous engagement and he had made a forced landing on the airfield.’
    • ‘If you have a forced landing due to an emergency, what's the best way for you and your passengers to get out of the airplane?’
    • ‘The forced landing did a fair amount of damage, ripping out the bomb bay doors and tearing up a great deal of lower fuselage skin, as well as writing off the wing flaps, engines and propellers.’
    • ‘The Army aviators visited 29 nations, made five forced landings, used 68,950 gallons of gas and 8,738 gallons of oil, and required 17 engine changes.’
    • ‘Accidents in 1992 and 1994 both saw small planes make forced landings near the airstrip.’
    • ‘Although these routes may add a few minutes to your total flight time, they offer safer terrain clearance at lower MSL altitudes and provide some measure of safety if an emergency calls for a forced landing.’
    • ‘However, should you lose that same valve on the number-three in flight and the aircraft is damaged during a forced landing, now you have a legitimate claim.’
    • ‘All forced landings have life-threatening potential.’
    • ‘The antenna is fitted with explosive bolts enabling it to be jettisoned quickly in an emergency, such as in preparation for a forced landing.’
    • ‘The CAA has long held that forced landings at night invariably lead to catastrophe, but that view was not borne out in practice, Ashford said at the Flight Safety Foundation seminar held in Amsterdam last month.’


forced landing