Definition of force someone's hand in English:

force someone's hand


  • Make someone do something.

    • ‘Of course, if things get out of hand, the markets will force the Fed 's hand.’
    • ‘Now there is nothing, no one is forcing my hand overtly or covertly.’
    • ‘But they wouldn't make an offer until we forced their hand.’
    • ‘It was the South that would force his hand as President to use force to keep the nation together.’
    • ‘If the auditor-general hadn't forced their hand, it would be business as usual in the Liberal camp.’
    • ‘The factories were quick off their marks in trying to keep prices down but the unity of farmers forced their hand and now they are vying with each other to get cattle and this is the way it should be.’
    • ‘The only way I can do this is to say yes to almost anything that crops up and that in turn forces your hand to practice!’
    • ‘Restricted opportunity for legal migration has forced their hand.’
    • ‘One undergraduate stated that college was ‘forcing our hand and exterminating our right to peaceful protest’.’
    • ‘He's looking to try and involve young lads outwith that central group but if any player, myself included, is playing well enough, it forces his hand.’