Definition of force pump in English:

force pump


  • A pump used to move water or other liquid under greater than ambient pressure.

    • ‘Such a combination of suction and force pump ensures a constant outflow at the exit.’
    • ‘He also ground lenses and invented a force pump for a fountain, as well as a clockwork device that could allegedly keep going for one hundred years.’
    • ‘A powerful force pump drives the liquid to be filtered into the cells, where it passes from one to the other until they are all filled.’
    • ‘One ingenious engineering element Smeaton built into his diving chest was a reservoir designed to ensure that any sudden failure of the force pump would not result in a shut-off of air.’
    • ‘Baker's force pump stands are for use with windmills, pump jacks, or as a hand pump.’
    • ‘The force pump conveys the fluid medium required to operate the injector via an inlet which does not feed the extraction slot.’
    • ‘The card's more restricted I know (opposition requirement), but it just seemed to me on initial inspection that the shout deck would more readily benefit from being able to chose exactly what it needs in critical situations than wind up with just a couple extra force pumps.’
    • ‘The background of shear force pumps is as old as the Egyptians when it was used to remove water from the Nile River.’
    • ‘A suction pump can become a force pump simply by reversing the process.’
    • ‘Such suction and force pumps are used also for liquids which are to be stored in as sterile conditions as possible, for example for medical applications.’
    • ‘They can be used as compressors or as force pumps, to produce vacuum and pressure at the same time.’
    • ‘It was a novelty, and they wanted to be with the force pump rather than in the bucket line.’
    • ‘From ten to twenty minutes a day with a good hand force pump will furnish a moderate supply.’
    • ‘Most of the pitcher pumps and a few of the lift and force pumps are hand operated.’
    • ‘When a reliable force pump was invented in 1788, those who ventured underwater could for the first time get sufficient compressed air, with the result that entirely new medical and physiological problems emerged.’
    • ‘It is a double acting force pump, which can be adapted to either windmill or hand operation.’
    • ‘Common methods are a piston force pump driven by the engine, a hand piston force pump, and an injector.’