Definition of forage harvester in English:

forage harvester


  • A large agricultural machine for harvesting forage crops.

    • ‘Forage was clipped at a height of 50 cm once a day using a forage harvester.’
    • ‘The invention relates to a forage harvester with hydraulically driven collecting members.’
    • ‘The product is then corralled into a shoot, which empties into a large truck beside the forage harvester.’
    • ‘He said the car hit Mr Greenheld's tractor and forage harvester as the farmer was turning right out of a field at Yatts Farm.’
    • ‘The herbage was allowed to wilt for approximately 48 h and was then chopped with a forage harvester and conserved as previously described for Trial 1.’
    • ‘This becomes more important with high capacity forage harvesters requiring a greater distance for swaths to be moved.’
    • ‘The job of a forage harvester is simply to chop a crop such as corn into animal feed.’
    • ‘There are suggestions that to comply, a driver of a combine, tractor, potato or forage harvester would have to work for as little as two hours each day.’
    • ‘The proposed tariff on combine harvesters and forage harvesters may result in significant increase of duty, from 5% to an estimated 15% ad valorem equivalent.’
    • ‘The New Holland Used Equipment Locator has listings for used self propelled forage harvesters and used trailed forage harvesters from many manufacturers.’
    • ‘A study was conducted to quantify whole-body Vibration emission and likely operator daily exposure levels associated with the normal operation of self-propelled forage harvesters.’
    • ‘Due to the clearances in the housing by the nature of flywheel design, in the event of a foreign object getting into the machine, Mengele forage harvesters are much less prone to major blow ups.’