Definition of forage fish in English:

forage fish


  • A species of fish which is the prey of more valuable game fish.

    • ‘If you object to aquaculture's 2 to 1 efficiency, then you must really hate that a 5-pound wild salmon has consumed over 50 pounds of forage fish to grow to that size.’
    • ‘The sonar device emits subsurface sounds that imitate massed threadfin shad, the primary forage fish on most reservoirs.’
    • ‘There seems to be three main types of forage fish that the chinook are feeding on (herring, needlefish, and shiner seapearch), so any lure or bait that mimics the natural feed should work.’
    • ‘Traps should be checked daily and desirable fish released and forage fish removed for disposal.’
    • ‘Researchers used a spotter planed equipped with a digital camera to photograph forage fish at the surface.’
    • ‘Anadromous forage fish, such as eulachon or the Columbia River smelt and shad are managed separately.’
    • ‘Mapping declining populations of forage fish is critical to protecting their habitat.’
    • ‘Although bass spawning occurs within a few days, forage fish may be observed on spawning beds through much of the summer, and individuals may spawn several times in a season.’
    • ‘Biologists were also finding more capelin and other oily forage fish in critical habitat areas, amid signs that the natural cycle was swinging back to a cooler regime more suited to such fish.’
    • ‘This gives the forage fish a chance to stabilize and perhaps spawn a time or two before they are invaded by hungry bass.’
    • ‘Alewives are considered a forage fish and have many predators.’
    • ‘Equipment for catching forage fish need not be fancy.’
    • ‘Depending on market prices the fish meal portion is usually from forage fish or poultry by-products (including feathers), and blood meal (with maize, soya or wheat) is used as a binder or filler.’
    • ‘Flooded banks with green vegetation are prime areas to attract forage fish and predatory bass.’
    • ‘Overall, the report shows 144 stocks of food, game and forage fish, as well as shellfish, are not overfished.’