Definition of forage cap in English:

forage cap


  • A cloth undress cap, usually with a peak, worn as part of a soldier's uniform.

    • ‘We don't really know exactly what the fatigue or forage cap may have looked like, but we have some educated guesses.’
    • ‘The forage cap has a welt around the top circle and across the top part of the bill the same color as the hat.’
    • ‘The total predominance of forage caps did throw me for a bit though.’
    • ‘My wardrobe contains a large collection of hats for all occasions; everything from a Russian-style fur forage cap to a Tahitian banana leaf pith helmet, but they are rarely aired these days.’
    • ‘This is the preferred enlisted headgear, but we are trying to get away from some of the less accurately made forage caps out there.’
    • ‘His beard flowed like a frozen waterfall, and from the rear of his trademark forage cap a radio antenna pointed straight up at the sky.’
    • ‘This was the appropriate cloth for forage caps and kepis and also for frock coats.’
    • ‘The Edelweiss and long-peaked Feldmütze or forage cap was adopted by the Gebirgsjäger, and the Chasseurs Alpins continue to wear their traditional large berets or tartes.’
    • ‘We were issued khaki uniforms with forage caps, jackets, shorts and socks, some of which were very comfortable to wear especially in the summer.’
    • ‘The annually supplied forage cap weighed six ounces and cost each soldier between two and three shillings.’
    • ‘This style of forage cap was put into service in 1992 and is still used today.’
    • ‘The forage cap was introduced just in time to become the signature headgear of the Civil War soldier.’
    • ‘Andrew is wearing a plain forage cap and a 9 button shell jacket.’
    • ‘The forage cap became the service cap, and the blouse became the pocketed service coat, worn with pegged breeches, leggings, and russet footwear.’
    • ‘He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a blue forage cap, which he slouched down dramatically over his head right down to his eyes like he was showing me how he was really batman in disguise.’
    • ‘These caps had been introduced in the Infantry in 1874 in place of the round Kilmarnock forage caps.’
    • ‘I've been loosed with a rifle and a uniform and a forage cap!’
    • ‘In 1945, the Toronto police switched to the forage cap, finally yielding to modernization and comfort.’
    • ‘Plus period photos show little use of kepis and forage caps in the western theater.’
    • ‘Confederate style forage caps are discouraged and Union forage caps are not allowed.’