Definition of for the ride in English:

for the ride


  • Used to convey that someone is participating in activity for pleasure or as an observer only.

    ‘she's obviously just along for the ride’
    • ‘Her body was taking her on a journey, and for the most part she found it exhilarating just to be along for the ride.’
    • ‘It's best just to go along for the ride and not really pay attention to the story.’
    • ‘You get a real sense that they know that they are leading the parade, not just coming along for the ride.’
    • ‘When it becomes clear that I'm just here to watch, a voyeur along for the ride, I'm challenged.’
    • ‘It's no good thinking they will come along for the ride out of curiosity - they have to be convinced.’
    • ‘Sure, sometimes Stanwyck drove men to their doom, but she wanted to go along for the ride.’
    • ‘For the next three weeks, the Marines pushed north and we went along for the ride.’
    • ‘The future is in their hands, though the rest of us will be taken along for the ride.’
    • ‘I was happy to go along for the ride and soon stopped worrying about accuracy.’
    • ‘I figure if a driver wants company to Flin Flon, why not go along for the ride?’