Definition of for the asking in English:

for the asking


  • Used to indicate that someone can easily have something if they want it.

    ‘the job was his for the asking’
    • ‘Every type of vacation experience, every form of recreation, every convenience is available for the asking at Lake Tahoe.’
    • ‘Expedition of hearings in this Court is not available for the asking.’
    • ‘Every variety I could think of was there for the asking.’
    • ‘Either on site or within a short distance, there is just about any kind of sporting activity you could imagine, yours for the asking.’
    • ‘In most campaigns, strong operational managers can be yours for the asking.’
    • ‘This sounds as if promotion was hers for the asking.’
    • ‘This almost always means advertising, the bane of readers' existence, but it's the reason most content on the net remains free for the asking.’
    • ‘It is free for the asking, contains good tutorials and sample models, and was designed to be accessible.’
    • ‘They are within our grasp, practically for the asking.’
    • ‘What this means is there are free books to read for the asking!’
    • ‘The store has an 80-page catalog of books, computer software and videos, free for the asking.’
    • ‘If you're willing to look, many of these items are in construction-site trash bins free for the asking.’
    • ‘Solar energy is not to be had for the asking in a cloud forest.’
    • ‘Virtually every manufacturer has well-presented catalogs just for the asking.’
    • ‘It is ours for the asking, at any time and in any place!’
    • ‘Many technology job seekers, wowed by all the hype of a labor shortage, sometimes think that a position is theirs for the asking.’
    • ‘Upgrades are often available just for the asking.’
    • ‘Whilst we sometimes feel as though we live globally in the proximity of a timebomb, artistic revelation is there for the asking.’
    • ‘Consequently, there's a lot of useful information here for the asking.’
    • ‘Now you have the choice of coloured lenses, and if you want blue, green, grey, or hazel eyes to match that tinted hair, it is yours for the asking.’