Definition of for old times' sake in English:

for old times' sake


  • In memory of former times; in acknowledgement of a shared past.

    ‘they sat in the back seats for old times' sake’
    • ‘What makes you think I wouldn't help some friends for old times' sake?’
    • ‘Even when electricity and central heating systems have made it unnecessary to rely on wood fires for warmth and light, many countries in the Northern hemisphere ensure that there is a symbolic fire in the grate, just for old times' sake.’
    • ‘Hell, I'll meet you in a San Diego bar and we'll all have a drink for old times' sake.’
    • ‘If you think I'm romanticising, look at the success of Friends Reunited among people who want to exchange e-mails for old times' sake.’
    • ‘He has also handed in his training permit as well, though he may take the old boy to some point-to-point meetings just for old times' sake.’
    • ‘Perhaps it was for old times' sake and to recall fond memories - like the night I watched my wife playing hold'em: She held a king-high straight flush against a man who held the bottom end of the straight flush, queen-high.’
    • ‘Eddie Wilson, 84, of Askam-in-Furness, and Ken Barnett, 83, from Swindon, will be enjoying a pint together in the West Country for old times' sake after 59 years apart.’
    • ‘The 30-odd bullock cart owners in the city live on the charity of a few traders in the Chalai market who hire them just for old times' sake.’
    • ‘Completely obsolete at the moment, but if you insist, I'll do it for old times' sake.’
    • ‘I know, I know - you couldn't possibly agree, but Kerr is here for old times' sake, for nostalgic and sentimental reasons.’