Definition of for now in English:

for now


  • Until a later time.

    ‘that's all the news there is for now’
    • ‘But he says the five-year sentences were strict enough to get the right message across for now.’
    • ‘Maybe I'd find my own ground someday, but for now I am too much in love with the vagabond in me.’
    • ‘I'm told that one of the rules of being a lady is to avoid revealing everything all at once, so I'll leave it at this for now.’
    • ‘So for now, the gym will do just fine. I must like it - I even went in on my day off!’
    • ‘But for now, it is the angry voices of Britain's inner cities which are being heard the loudest.’
    • ‘Only a series of eleventh-hour conversations persuaded him to hold his fire - at least for now.’
    • ‘I promise I'll write to you when I get a chance but for now I'll only speak to you in my mind.’
    • ‘The mailing address post office box will remain open for now, until other arrangements are made.’
    • ‘So please dispose of rubbish thoughtfully, and keep it to the minimum for now.’
    • ‘I am naturally intense and a poor sleeper, but for now I have ceased to suffer from insomnia.’
    for the time being, for the moment, for the present, for the meantime, for a little while
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