Definition of for nothing in English:

for nothing


  • 1At no cost; without payment.

    ‘working for nothing is a luxury I can't afford’
    • ‘He will probably even be paid for a job he'd have done for nothing.’
    • ‘Irish rugby is about to get a brand new home, free, gratis and for nothing.’
    • ‘I've even had an offer from a designer to put it together for nothing.’
    • ‘Nicole Kidman wants to star in a radio play for the BBC and she's so keen that she'll do it for nothing.’
    • ‘Admission was free and the four played for nothing, which has yet to provoke the organisers' gratitude.’
    • ‘No party ever offered such a cornucopia of naked bribes to the voter, all absolutely free, gratis and for nothing.’
    • ‘In effect that meant money for nothing for those prepared to wait.’
    • ‘Renting china is very expensive so we would like to know if we could use your china for nothing.’
    • ‘I can say to any CEO that if it doesn't cut their costs then they can have the inventory system for nothing.’
    • ‘Rarely a day passes when letters drop on doorsteps offering an irresistible way to make money or win a free gift for nothing.’
    • ‘I phoned her to say loads of my constituents will do it for nothing!’
    free, gratis, without charge, without payment, free of charge, at no cost
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  • 2To no purpose.

    ‘he died anyway, so it had all been for nothing’
    • ‘Not for nothing is Alastair clad in the finest cloth, his plaid trimmed in gold, his stockings tied with silk garters.’
    • ‘Not for nothing were his closest guards called the Companion Cavalry.’
    • ‘They don't call this sleepy frontier town Little Hollywood for nothing.’
    • ‘They're not going to come back for the hard training, busting a gut for nothing.’
    • ‘It takes nerves of steel to bite your tongue and say nothing because we'd rather be paid than end up having an argument for nothing.’
    • ‘They have been training very hard, Michael Bond hasn't gone back there for nothing.’
    • ‘Surrender and save lives, or resist and let more people be killed for nothing.’
    • ‘I am afraid that a whole country, an entire people, will be destroyed for nothing.’
    in vain, to no avail, to no purpose, with no result, needlessly, pointlessly, futilely
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