Definition of for better or (for) worse in English:

for better or (for) worse


  • Whether the outcome is good or bad.

    ‘ours, for better or for worse, is the century of youth’
    • ‘I got my entire self-worth from my job, for better or worse.’
    • ‘And their exhausting battle can shift, for better or worse, as quickly as the winds.’
    • ‘Consider the various contributors to America, for better or worse.’
    • ‘I guess I'm really influenced, for better or worse, by other people's music.’
    • ‘The Church in the US, for better or worse, doesn't look like the Church anywhere else.’
    • ‘It is not the tenacity of the distinction that concerns me, but that, for better or worse, we cannot do without it.’
    • ‘Its outcome will, for better or for worse, change the quality of life in this country.’
    • ‘It created a subculture of ideas and ways of life that is still in modern rock… for better or worse.’
    • ‘Why buy traditional when the world - for better or worse - is turning digital?’
    • ‘Whether or not you buy into those particular labels, for better or worse, we tend to fulfil the self-images we're fed.’
    • ‘Star Trek, on the other hand, always reflects the zeitgeist, for better or worse.’
    • ‘Each Asian country will be affected differently, for better or worse.’
    • ‘So, guys and gals enjoy the new dress code for better or worse!’
    • ‘Those are the people who will decide the election and the debates will be a big part of making up their minds, for better or worse.’
    • ‘Whether it was for better or for worse I couldn't change it anymore so I only had the choice to accept it.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, there is little evidence America has changed, for better or worse, as a result of September 11.’
    • ‘Altair sensed no hostility in the man's tone of voice, and decided to give his full name, whether for better or for worse.’
    • ‘That, for better or worse, has already been decided by the court.’
    • ‘The value of information is in its usefulness in manipulating, for better or worse, the natural world.’
    • ‘These songs, like a lot of music, grow on you for better or worse and it won't be long before you have strong feelings for this band.’