Definition of for a change in English:

for a change


  • Contrary to how things usually happen or in order to introduce variety.

    ‘it's nice to be pampered for a change’
    • ‘I had an interesting day at work today; I actually had some work to do for a change.’
    • ‘On Scottish racing's big day, it would be appropriate for Scots to walk away with the loot for a change.’
    • ‘Maybe it will encourage him to actually address the relevant issues in our constituency for a change!’
    • ‘Not only is she marrying the man of her dreams, but she's also getting the opportunity to wear a dress for a change.’
    • ‘This morning my flat mate decided to empty the trash, and actually take the rubbish out of the house for a change.’
    • ‘They put him up high so, when we go to pay our respects, he can look down on us for a change.’
    • ‘If I had a reason today it was simply an urge to snap the computer off and get out and do sensible everyday things for a change.’
    • ‘So the drums are the stars for a change, while the melody provides a haunting backdrop.’
    • ‘We sauntered out of the house, feeling fairly smug as we'd got organised quite quickly for a change.’
    • ‘Perhaps we should all try to think of something else to say for a change.’