Definition of foppishly in English:



  • See foppish

    • ‘The male koel, foppishly clad in silky black, flutters enticingly close to a crow's nest, causing anxiety and outrage among the crows.’
    • ‘With both hands foppishly buried in his jacket pockets, he contemplated us with a haughty look, cast a critical eye over the condition of the old courthouse and then walked with elegant disdain to his seat right in front of us.’
    • ‘Whipping around foppishly like an imp, he handily takes on jester roles with equal success.’
    • ‘And there's a song about ambling foppishly through the Tiergarten to the sound of a harp.’
    • ‘A short, rather foppishly dressed fellow emerged from the group of sailors on board the Soaring Swan, the merchant vessel.’