Definition of footy in English:


(also footie)


  • 1British

    another term for football (sense 1)
    • ‘Truth be known, the thought of first-grade footy had been nagging for some time.’
    • ‘This is not just sour grapes from a woman with no interest in footy.’
    • ‘Luckily a face saving penalty shoot out loss 5-4 buried what could have been an embarrassing epitaph of the state of Dutch footy.’
    • ‘A simple TV showing some footy is all you need to guarantee that people will keep coming back to your stand.’
    • ‘You need to book some time off and go watch some footy.’
    • ‘Just back from playing footy for what must have been the first time in around a year - and boy do I feel it.’
    • ‘The ever-increasing number of women who have given up footy and switched to the far more attractive sport of diving is reflected in today's diving slogans.’
    • ‘Post exam week tension is beginning to go away, but not the muscular pain from footy, and work is starting to pile up again.’
    • ‘Boys will be boys and given half a chance they would much rather be playing footy than tennis.’
    • ‘They may have beaten us at footy but they can't even make a peach flavoured boiled sweet.’
    • ‘But the desire was there and we shaped up well and played some footy.’
    • ‘Workers from the post office, the local types who've been drinking there for as long as they can remember and the ordinary everyday man in the street who enjoys a quiet drink or a night of Big Screen footy.’
    1. 1.1NZ, Australian
      another term for rugby or Australian Rules
      • ‘Now if you're into sports like cricket, tennis, footy or athletics, then there's plenty of news and information available to you in newspapers and on television and radio.’
      • ‘A bibliophile from early days, when others were heading off to play footie or cricket, Baxter always made straight for the library.’
      • ‘Now in going to the footie, it reminds me of all those wonderful family experiences in growing up, because I can't remember a time before football.’
      • ‘They were also great with the kids - playing footy, soccer and basketball with them and giving the kids some of their own rations.’
      • ‘I just wanted to go into the game with a clear mind and focus on my footy, not worrying about what the press had written about me.’
  • 2footie", usually as plural "footiesNorth American A fabric covering for the foot as part of a garment for a young child.

    ‘the built-in footies with grips will allow your little one to explore without fear of slipping’
    as modifier ‘ballet-themed footie pyjamas’
    1. 2.1 A short sock that covers only the foot and is typically hidden when worn with a shoe.
      ‘I buy a ton of footies to try to prevent blisters’