Definition of footslog in English:



  • (especially of a soldier) walk or march for a long distance, typically wearily or with effort.

    ‘they footslogged around the two villages’
    • ‘We had footslogged three days, sometimes leading our mounts, sometimes riding, to get to this remote valley in the Vilcabamba mountains of southern Peru.’
    • ‘The rest of the trek passed by in a blur as we footslogged through mud and pelting rain and crossed the small streams flowing between the rocks.’
    • ‘I rapidly tired of the project and ended up footslogging the Falls road in West Belfast.’
    • ‘This squad footslogs towards the front, and gets to shoot 6 shots past the 12’ rapid-fire range.’
    • ‘Then he brooded more about footslogging through the mud, about the rats and lice, than the history he was making.’
    • ‘After lunch we footslogged around Chiang Mai looking for bargains in bras.’
    • ‘Then my own private ‘Long March,’ though in the midst of thousands similarly footslogging their way home, from Huangpi Road to Changshu Road.’
    • ‘Further, if a divine deed is to be done and a benefit therefrom is to be acquired, one has to footslog.’
    • ‘Main priority is taking out transports, then it's just a case of slaughtering everything as it footslogs towards me.’
    • ‘We reached the 200 mile mark today as we footslogged through the runoff.’
    • ‘There'll be more to come and thanks to the many choristers who footslogged their way around Orange with the letter drop that was a part of the membership drive.’
    • ‘But while the audience get to wend their way along the four-mile route through the trees on golf carts, the performers will be footslogging ahead through the mud.’
    • ‘And if you are willing to footslog it around the range, you will see photogenic ravines, where streams swirl and gurgle over huge rocks.’
    • ‘He footslogged it around the world-famous Dal Lake, visiting all the Mughal Gardens at Nishat, Shalimar and Harwan and the Botanical Gardens, but all in vain.’
    trudge, traipse, slog, hike, trek, tramp, plod, troop, walk, march, pace, stride
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  • A long and exhausting walk or march.

    • ‘It is also associated with the following keywords: treks, expeditions, footslogs, hikes, long hauls’
    • ‘The most arresting display we have seen on our footslog around the footstreets belongs to the festively titled Snow Home on Gillygate.’
    • ‘But maybe with the most recent wave of gentrification, venturing past 24th Street now seems like less of a footslog or maybe Lotus Garden's unswerving support base's cries were heard.’
    • ‘Once on Dursey Island, known as the ‘last outpost of County Cork’ it's often a real footslog to get around.’
    • ‘This is a daunting thing to hear as you embark on a 26.2 mile footslog across the desert.’
    hike, trek, slog, traipse, trudge, tramp, walk, march, route march, long haul
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