Definition of footpath in English:



  • 1A path for people to walk along, especially a right of way in the countryside.

    • ‘May I suggest that if he wants to walk in the countryside and does not want to see vehicles then he should walk on footpaths and bridle-ways.’
    • ‘They turned when they got to the footpath, and began walking down the alley to where they had parked the car.’
    • ‘Mixed with melting snow, people had to walk on footpaths covered by dark water.’
    • ‘This might help to remove the mess left by them along the footpaths.’
    • ‘This is why I now love walking on footpaths close to our steam railways.’
    • ‘Have they vanished along with footpaths, with grasslands and clearings, with nature?’
    • ‘This time is was a mother who was walking her dog along the footpath.’
    • ‘When the rain stopped I was walking my dachshund along the river footpath.’
    • ‘The only thing that gets them really excited is a chicken walking along the footpath.’
    • ‘The procession will proceed up Northbrook and along the footpaths to the Elisha Field.’
    • ‘It seems to me no footpaths are easy to walk on after the horrendous non-stop rain we've suffered.’
    • ‘I'm over-joyed at this news and not just because the footpaths I like to walk will very shortly re-open.’
    • ‘Yoland is making her way slowly along the footpath on the arm of a nurse.’
    • ‘There are a number of long distance footpaths in the mid-Cheshire area.’
    • ‘These American footpaths are often based on game trails, most notably from the vast herds of buffalo.’
    • ‘The team noticed portions of some footpaths were worn up to 3 meters deep by people who had trod them over the centuries approaching some of the cemeteries.’
    • ‘A footpath along the shore gives views across the bay and you will spot birds that make their homes in the shingle and pebble beach.’
    • ‘The attacker was riding a bike along the footpath when he hit the victim on the back of the head, knocking him to the ground.’
    • ‘As a keen walker I enjoy not only long distance walks but also local walks around the footpaths of Keighley.’
    • ‘The man was killed as he walked along a footpath between Westdale Drive and Westdale Road, Pudsey.’
    pathway, footway, pavement, track, jogging track, trail, trackway, bridleway, bridle path, ride, riding, towpath, walk, walkway, promenade, esplanade, avenue, lane, alley, alleyway, passage, passageway, byway, sidetrack, berm, causeway, right of way
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    1. 1.1British A path for pedestrians in a built-up area; a pavement.
      • ‘All along the footpaths council signs threatened fines for skateboard riding and roller blading.’
      • ‘Seven walkers met at Colwall Station on a warm and sunny afternoon for a five-mile walk, mainly along footpaths and lanes.’
      • ‘The creation of a buffer and the widening of the footpaths using the green areas will narrow the street.’
      • ‘Villagers are concerned for the safety of people walking on narrow footpaths next to narrow roads.’
      • ‘He said the grant was used for programmes such as filling potholes, repairing pavements and improving footpaths in the borough.’
      • ‘They are advised to use footpaths and to walk by the right side of the road in stretches where it is absent.’
      • ‘Work will start after the area corporators identify footpaths that have not been paved so far.’
      • ‘The sad state grips not just roads and bylanes but even those few footpaths these areas have.’
      • ‘The result was that many people began to skip the footpath and walk through the road.’
      • ‘He added that the whole road structure and footpaths in the area were in a deplorable condition.’
      • ‘Cyclists should not be on footpaths and pavements which are not for their use.’
      • ‘Council move immediately to provide footpaths and public lighting along the busy road.’
      • ‘If you did walk along the footpath, taxis would curb-crawl in an attempt to get a fare.’
      • ‘Perhaps by creating more cycle routes, cyclists will be less inclined to ride on the footpaths and pedestrians will feel safer.’
      • ‘Would the council now please advise us just exactly what is the position of pedestrians on footpaths?’
      • ‘But the damaged slabs along the footpaths and the broken road dividers have not been repaired.’
      • ‘So on a meander along the city footpaths, it was fortuitous that we came across this venue, just when a lunch break was called for.’
      • ‘The girl was walking along a footpath by the side of the road towards Swinton when the accident happened.’
      • ‘After long delays the work has commenced again on the footpaths along the Charlestown Road.’
      • ‘It seems the local force is keeping a close eye on pavement pedallers after complaints from pedestrians that the footpaths are unsafe.’
      paved path, pedestrian way, walkway, footway
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