Definition of footman in English:



  • 1A liveried servant whose duties include admitting visitors and waiting at table.

    • ‘As soon as he was gone, all the footmen and other servants burst out laughing.’
    • ‘There were no liveried footman doffing their hats and opening glass doors with gloved hands.’
    • ‘A footman helped Lord and Lady Grey in, then the two younger Grey sisters.’
    • ‘‘My Lady,’ the footman said, giving Ky a much-needed hand down.’
    • ‘She climbed onto the bench next to the driver, while the footman helped Lady Mary into the cab.’
    • ‘He was one of the footmen who waited at table; and no sooner had I pinned him than the detective loosed his hold.’
    • ‘A liveried footman was walking away from his front door as Croft rode by.’
    • ‘The attending maids and footmen silently left the room.’
    • ‘Surely in our increasingly democratic age it should have died out along with footmen and flunkeys?’
    • ‘It is a sweeping assessment of the backroom boys - and they are usually male - the valets, the footmen, the butlers who make up the backbone of the royal retinue, but it is one that many with experience of the system recognise.’
    • ‘She didn't allow pariah boys to attend her school for native children because even in England it would not do for a gentleman's son to attend the same school as his footman's son.’
    • ‘An army of servants - maids, footmen, cooks and gardeners - made the luxurious lifestyle of the family possible.’
    • ‘There was £699 paid to extra staff that had to be drafted in such as pages, footmen, cellar assistants and glass and silver pantry assistants.’
    • ‘The footman and coachman atop of the carriage were not wearing the black and red uniform of this Country, like Loraine's men, but a uniform that was a light blue and black.’
    • ‘There were no ballrooms here, no antechambers upon antechambers, no retinues of servants and footmen.’
    • ‘In the middle distance are their servants, grooms, running footmen and a man of higher status, wearing 17th century costume, mounted on a stallion.’
    • ‘Alas, visions of liveried footmen and Royal Doulton soon vanished as we pulled into the driveway of Clapped Out Estates, and the effusive greetings of a red-nosed investment banker dressed in plus fours and carpet slippers.’
    • ‘I saw how your guards, your coachman and your footman were driven off today.’
    • ‘These butlers, footmen, valets, drivers, personal assistants, and bodyguards knew where the bodies lay.’
    • ‘Coaches were not only expensive to purchase, but they were costly to maintain as they required a liveried servant to drive them and had a place for a footman.’
    attendant, retainer
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  • 2historical A soldier in the infantry.

    • ‘There are only a few units: peasants, footmen, knights, archers and catapults.’
    • ‘Demons, with their leathery wings spread wide, tore through the angelic ranks like heavy cavalry through green footmen.’
    • ‘As a minor footman in her slave army, it fell to me to clean the bathroom.’
    • ‘When you signed up, you were asked where you wanted to be, cavalry, archery, footmen, swordsmen, smiths.’
    • ‘A great enthusiasm filled the air as the armies spread out, loosening ranks, cavalry and footmen finding their way across the road and into the fields and woods.’
    infantrymen, foot soldiers, foot guards
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  • 3archaic A trivet to hang on the bars of a grate.

  • 4A slender moth that is typically of a subdued colour, the caterpillar feeding almost exclusively on lichens.