Definition of football special in English:

football special


  • A train scheduled in addition to the normal timetable in order to transport football supporters to a match.

    ‘First ScotRail is providing two football specials for the Scottish League Cup Final’
    • ‘One day he would be keeping the thugs in order on a football special; the next he might be escorting a member of the royal family from the royal train.’
    • ‘The football specials are leaving Liverpool Lime Street from platform 9.’
    • ‘The police made the passengers from the football special walk from the station to the football ground in bare feet, an experiment in crowd control doomed to failure.’
    • ‘The train standing at platform one is the Wembley football special.’
    • ‘Boarding the football special at Glasgow Central was like entering a mobile psychiatric unit in which symptoms of hysterical Scottishness would develop during the journey.’
    • ‘They may have been waiting for a football special to take them to an important match.’
    • ‘Our train—a normal service one this time, not a football special—slid through the grey drab outskirts.’
    • ‘The football special was on its way to God knows where.’
    • ‘It was a football special, a train that had been taken over by Liverpool supporters.’
    • ‘Once upon a time, football specials, organised by the supporters' clubs, used to be run to away matches.’