Definition of foot overbridge in English:

foot overbridge


  • A footbridge.

    • ‘An underpass has fewer steps compared to foot overbridges, but costs more.’
    • ‘With traffic intersections allowing just 12 seconds for the pedestrian to cross the road, the solution perhaps lies in foot overbridges and underpasses.’
    • ‘Since important junctions are difficult to cross because of high traffic, experts vouch for foot overbridges.’
    • ‘On why Bangalore can't have more foot overbridges, the authorities have a lame excuse.’
    • ‘The main requirement is to provide these categories of road users with adequate facilities like proper footpaths, zebra crossings, foot overbridges, subways and also dedicated cycle tracks.’
    • ‘Seven foot overbridges planned.’
    • ‘After Darling is East Malvern, with its large concrete foot overbridge.’
    • ‘The policehave been cleaning subways to make them more walkable and are even planning lift-operated foot overbridges.’
    • ‘Foot overbridges may bail out pedestrians’
    • ‘The city's only public foot overbridge in Gandhinagar is underutilised.’
    • ‘Only solution: Foot overbridges may bail out pedestrians’
    • ‘Foot overbridges constructed in the city are hardly used.’
    • ‘Though she always used foot overbridge to cross the track, only once did she dart across the track, which ended her life.’
    • ‘There are apprehensions about pedestrians' willingness to use the foot overbridges.’
    • ‘The radio station has also started playing jingles, advising commuters not to cross the tracks but rather use the foot overbridges.’
    • ‘We have planned a foot overbridge with an escalator as an experiment, " the corporation said.’
    • ‘It took up seven foot overbridges in the first stage, and "they will be ready in eight months," technical advisor R. Jayaprasad says.’
    • ‘Separate pedestrian phase in traffic signals, raised footpaths and foot overbridges are needed in the city.’
    • ‘Please for heaven's sake, use only the railway foot overbridge to get across the track, the appeal went.’
    • ‘Foot overbridges cost less, but are more difficult to use.’