Definition of food security in English:

food security


mass noun
  • The state of having reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.

    ‘food security has declined dramatically in many developing countries’
    ‘the ultimate in individual food security is growing your own food’
    • ‘At the World Food Summit in 1996, heads of state and government pledged to work toward food security for all and to halve the number of undernourished people by 2015.’
    • ‘They found that, indeed, children in households with poor food security scored much lower on measurements of health status and physical and psychosocial functioning than children in food-secure households.’
    • ‘The government and the United Nations will jointly conduct the event with the aim of bringing attention to poverty and food security.’
    • ‘The long-run solutions to vitamin A deficiency - and other nutritional problems - are increased biodiversity in agriculture and increased food security for poor people.’
    • ‘"Villagers are very appreciative of the seedlings, particularly fruit tree seedlings, which contribute to nutrition and food security."’
    • ‘People speak of creating a community food system or improving community food security.’
    • ‘In the Horn of Africa where drought is common, conflict has proved disastrous for food security.’
    • ‘This has devastating implications for food security in the poor world: food is removed from local marketing networks - and therefore the mouths of local people - and gravitates instead towards sources of hard currency.’
    • ‘The aim of this seed production project is to contribute to food security and self-sufficiency in the region by providing suitable, quality seed to farmers at reasonable prices.’
    • ‘These are the worst possible options for Third World food security.’
    • ‘Export dumping is driving farmers out of business around the world and destroying long-term food security.’
    • ‘As populations continue to grow and environmental degradation gets worse, what do you see will happen with food security?’
    • ‘In the process, we have lost both the security of our farms and the food security of our nation.’
    • ‘Food security both for rich and poor countries requires an increase in the level of self-sufficiency.’
    • ‘In these countries, it is the voices of small farmers which are more often raised in protest, concerned about the effects on food security that arise from the monopolisation of seed by multinational corporations.’
    • ‘The resulting competition for water and cropland, especially near transportation centers, creates pressures on subsistence farmers and undermines local food security.’
    • ‘Food security, we're assured, cannot be separated from national security.’
    • ‘"If heavy rains persist there will be a lot of problems in these countries in the 2002/2003 season which will definitely affect the region's food security," Mr Vashee said.’
    • ‘So much has been said about how agriculture can help improve Zambia's economy besides ensuring national food security.’
    • ‘To the early colonies, the introduction of wheat, rye, oats, peas, cabbage and many other vegetable crops was as critical to food security as was the adoption of the corn, beans and squash.’