Definition of food mile in English:

food mile


  • A mile over which a food item is transported during the journey from producer to consumer, as a unit of measurement of the fuel used to transport it.

    • ‘Whatever the argument about food miles, Ruth's products do come direct from the farm it just so happens that the farm is in Greece.’
    • ‘This won't happen, of course, because most of the organic food we consume is imported, requiring excess food miles in the process.’
    • ‘It also cuts down unnecessary food miles, reducing pollution and climate gas emissions.’
    • ‘Although piling on the food miles, these are fairly traded carrots, making like a little easier for poor farmers.’
    • ‘They talk often of nutrition and food miles, of incorporating social values into prices, and of changing Americans' opinion of farming from anachronism to vital service.’
    • ‘The project is also a very good example of how new ventures like this can help to reduce food miles.’
    • ‘The more produce you grow yourself the less food miles and so the less emissions.’
    • ‘The partnership was set up in September last year because of the growing interest in locally-produced food and the requirement to reduce food miles.’
    • ‘The cider is locally made, with a minimum of food miles and provides employment for all those involved in the production and distribution of the product.’
    • ‘Approximately half of the road miles which they accumulate are food miles.’
    • ‘I grow vegetables and herbs in my garden to cut down on the food miles we eat up.’
    • ‘The concept of food miles and the rising cost of fuel mean that we are now choosing local, seasonal produce.’
    • ‘I know we are told that 50 per cent of the road haulage miles are food miles.’
    • ‘Hannah is keen to illustrate the downside of food miles, too, but also to highlight the self-defeating practice of importing organic produce.’
    • ‘Buying British lamb is not only patriotic, it makes sense from the point of view of food miles - and, even more importantly, for good taste.’
    • ‘Local ingredients, with fewer food miles attached to them, are now figuring increasingly in what we eat.’
    • ‘When I first heard about food miles, I took the concept seriously.’
    • ‘To suggest that locally-sourced food may generate more food miles is ludicrous.’