Definition of food fish in English:

food fish


  • A species of fish which is used as food by humans, or forms a major part of the diet of a particular predator.

    • ‘Channel catfish are the most commonly raised food fish species in the United States.’
    • ‘Persons who are producing aquatic organisms for sale as food fish must have a permit.’
    • ‘This said, true tilapia fish are appreciated food fish in many countries.’
    • ‘They are too small to be considered a food fish for humans.’
    • ‘All were, or had been, important food fish, and all had suffered from the building of dams on coastal rivers.’
    • ‘Coral reefs act as safe havens for food fish to reproduce and grow.’
    • ‘The Atlantic salmon is renowned among game fishermen and is a highly prized food fish.’
    • ‘We've basically depleted our bank account, the ocean, of those important food fish species.’
    • ‘Fish farming has boomed in the past three decades and now supplies some 40 percent of the world's total food fish supply.’
    • ‘They lost a lot of that business on Thursday and Friday night, and they also lost a lot of food fish and meat.’
    • ‘A highly valued food fish, the turbot lives along sand and gravel shores.’
    • ‘Due to their great range and extensive use as food fish, scombrids bear many common names and have long been familiar to humans.’
    • ‘Understanding such lifestyles is important for managing the harvest of food fish in the Amazon.’
    • ‘Catfish are one of the dominant food fish, popular in aquaculture, and frequently the basis of community-level fisheries.’
    • ‘Esox lucius is a prized game fish and is used as a commercial food fish in Eastern Europe.’
    • ‘The freshwater sawfish has been targeted as a food fish and the saws have been sold as souvenirs.’
    • ‘The average retail price for food fish was between $14,500 and $16,500 per ton, but ornamental fish typically trade at a hefty $1.8 million per ton.’
    • ‘The quantity of food fish in some stretches is amazing.’
    • ‘Numbers of bream have been diminished across their range as they are a highly prized food fish.’
    • ‘Besides being a food fish, M. electricus is also occasionally encountered in the pet trade as an aquarium fish.’