Definition of food diary in English:

food diary

(also food journal)


  • A detailed daily record of the food and drink one consumes over a certain period of time, typically kept as a means of tracking calorie consumption or identifying habitual eating patterns.

    ‘she went to three exercise classes a week, kept a food diary, and ate little and often’
    ‘after looking at your food journal, ask yourself if you're eating enough fresh produce and fibre’
    • ‘She may have you keep food diaries or recommend supplements.’
    • ‘We could literally devote five pages to the many types of food diaries available.’
    • ‘At the end of each day, Randi reviewed her food journal to ensure she stayed on track.’
    • ‘Along with your food diary, keep an alcohol diary to track your true drinking patterns.’
    • ‘At appointments, students usually bring a food diary, a detailed account of their food intake.’
    • ‘In addition to watching my portion sizes, I kept a food journal to record everything I ate.’
    • ‘You may need to keep a food diary or have a physical exam.’
    • ‘Not a morsel of food passed my lips without the calorie value being carefully noted in my food diary.’
    • ‘She signed up with an online weight-loss group and began to keep a food journal to track what she ate.’
    • ‘Use your food diary to find ways of cutting down calories.’