Definition of food additive in English:

food additive


  • A substance added to food to enhance its flavour or appearance or to preserve it.

    • ‘Food additives perform many valuable functions like increasing flavor, adding extra minerals or other nutrients, and retarding spoilage.’
    • ‘A NIH study in 1982 tested the theory that refined sugar and food additives make children hyperactive and inattentive.’
    • ‘Processed foods must meet labeling and food additive requirements.’
    • ‘The safety of food additives - food colors in particular - continues to interest the health-conscious public.’
    • ‘A European law on food additives is being revised with the full support of the British government.’
    • ‘Most food additives go through extensive safety testing before the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves them for human consumption.’
    • ‘I've been paying attention to what I eat lately and trying to become more conscious of dietary food additives.’
    • ‘Food additives are commonly used to extend the shelf life of meat products.’
    • ‘The food additive monosodium glutamate (MSG), found in such foods as bacon, bologna and hot dogs, has been known to trigger headaches.’
    • ‘High-fiber foods are thought to speed food through your intestines, thereby preventing your body from absorbing potentially carcinogenic food additives.’