Definition of Folsom in English:



  • [usually as modifier] A Palaeo-Indian culture of Central and North America, dated to about 10,500–8,000 years ago. The culture is distinguished by fluted stone projectile points or spearheads (Folsom points).

    Compare with Clovis
    • ‘Stiger cradles in his hand a piece of chipped stone that is an unfinished Folsom point, just found by a student.’
    • ‘Paleo-Indians used Folsom points to kill mammoths, mastodons, long horned bison, giant sloths and other now-extinct animals that once roamed Colorado.’
    • ‘Figures 1F-H show three Folsom points from the vicinity of Albert Lea, Minnesota.’
    • ‘At 39 mm wide and probably more than 100 mm long, this point seems almost too large to be a Folsom point.’
    • ‘North of the Alibates quarry area, the number of Alibates Folsom points increases; yet Edwards points are still common.’
    • ‘The discovery of a Folsom point in the Black Hills is another fragment of evidence that fits into the puzzle.’
    • ‘Besides making Folsom points, the group made Clovis points, ultra-thin bifaces and mesoamerican blades.’
    • ‘After a bit more research, Solometo will return the Folsom point to the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests in Arizona.’
    • ‘Archaeologists from the American Museum of Natural History and the Denver Museum of Natural History discovered the Folsom point in 1927 near Folsom, New Mexico.’
    • ‘Clovis points from the American west have been associated with mammoth hunting, while Folsom points have been found with an extinct form of bison.’
    • ‘Goshen points may represent unfluted Clovis points on the basis of having been found beneath Folsom points at the Hell Gap site in Wyoming.’
    • ‘Clovis and Folsom points from these two nearby bison kills are predominantly of Edwards chert.’
    • ‘Isolated surface finds of Folsom points are common in this region.’
    • ‘The objective is to replicate Folsom points using equipment made only of materials available to hunters 10,000 years ago.’
    • ‘The projectile points were of a type never seen before and became known to archaeologists as Folsom points.’
    • ‘That was what I was recording, this bunker, but then I looked down and saw the Folsom point lying there.’
    • ‘Authentic and unbroken Folsom points of this size are very rare.’
    • ‘Featured with this article are some of the finest Folsom points ever found.’
    • ‘The eastern block excavations, totaling 9 square meters in 2002, yielded three scrapers and four Folsom point fragments from three different points.’


Early 20th century: from Folsom, NE New Mexico, the area where remains were first found.