Definition of follower in English:



  • 1A person who supports and admires a particular person or set of ideas.

    ‘followers of Nietzsche’
    • ‘Yet the Chinese Embassy in Canberra adamantly denies any harassment of followers of the sect in Australia.’
    • ‘He says he has urged his followers to oppose segregation currently reigning in the city.’
    • ‘Some of the rules should be of interest only to followers of the Hebrew religion.’
    • ‘The status of ritual among Western followers of Tibetan Buddhism is, however, more in question.’
    • ‘In theory it would seem like a good choice, and with enough dedicated followers the plan seems feasible.’
    • ‘In order to be inconspicuous, many followers of such religions meet in private.’
    • ‘In the birthplace of Christianity, indigenous followers of Christ have become a rare commodity.’
    • ‘Most of Wednesday's victims were followers of the young cleric and his message was unequivocal.’
    • ‘Later that day, however, she gave him the money and became a devoted follower.’
    • ‘"I had many wonderful nights here in this venue, " she told her loyal followers.’
    • ‘More than three-quarters of Muslims living in Britain say that they are devout followers of Islam.’
    • ‘Leaders who do not look after the interests of their followers are not only unethical but ineffective.’
    • ‘He became a loyal follower of Gandhi, whose defiant campaigns of non-cooperation he supported.’
    • ‘And it is not discrimination at any level against the followers of other faiths.’
    • ‘The true followers of Islam are our brothers and sisters in this struggle.’
    • ‘Malaysian police have arrested 21 suspected followers of a religious sect called the Sky Kingdom.’
    • ‘The Buddha was originally a wandering teacher who attracted followers through his personal charisma.’
    • ‘The initial reaction from governing elites and their media camp followers was disbelief.’
    • ‘True followers of Christ need have no fear of God's wrath.’
    • ‘A devout follower of Christ, Cora cannot understand or accept Addie's lack of religious observance.’
    acolyte, assistant, attendant, satellite, companion, retainer, henchman, minion, lackey, toady, servant, page, squire
    disciple, apostle, supporter, defender, champion
    fan, enthusiast, admirer, devotee, lover, supporter, adherent
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    1. 1.1 A person who takes an active interest in a particular activity.
      ‘he is a keen follower of football’
      • ‘Diana was in touch with reality, she showed this just by the way that she dressed, a keen follower of fashion.’
      • ‘Miller is to be congratulated for a book that will keep any rugby follower entertained for hours.’
      • ‘Brace yourselves - the astonishing truth is that being a dedicated follower of fashion can make you healthier.’
      • ‘As a keen follower of local cricket I was pleased to read the article in last week's paper about the formation of a Wiltshire Cricket Development Team.’
      • ‘The Roman army on campaign attracted camp followers, and the later physical expression of this is the civil settlement.’
      • ‘Their continued development will be watched with interest by all followers of Sligo Gaelic football.’
      • ‘I've been an ardent follower of your work and am a fellow skeptic.’
      • ‘He lived in Croydon Avenue and was a keen follower of Manchester City Football Club.’
      • ‘But of course, as avid followers of fashion and beauty you already know this.’
      • ‘Mr Howard is a keen follower of polls, focus groups and public opinion.’
      • ‘As a keen follower of the London team in all its incarnations, rugby league was the one sport I missed after moving to Ireland.’
      • ‘Johnny is a keen sports follower and is especially interested in local soccer.’
      • ‘He was also a keen football follower, and played Gaelic football for United and Ballina Stephenites' junior team.’
      • ‘Both families still reside in their respective parishes and are dedicated football followers.’
      • ‘A keen follower of rugby union Mr Jones also plays golf.’
      • ‘He may seem like an ‘old school’ coach but he is a keen follower of sport science and his team has matched the best tactically.’
      • ‘The same, it would seem, could be in store for Ireland's rugby followers.’
      • ‘Since his undergraduate days Hawking has been a keen follower of the philosopher Karl Popper.’
      • ‘It has attracted few followers and perhaps more interest outside the UK than within.’
      • ‘Johnny was an ardent football follower and a great man to support Mayo.’
      fan, enthusiast, admirer, devotee, lover, supporter, adherent
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    2. 1.2 Someone who is tracking a particular person, group, organization, etc. on a social media website or application.
      ‘she remains an immensely divisive figure, but she has a million followers on Facebook’
      • ‘The British celebrity has clocked up 500,000 followers while Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher is nearing the two million mark.’
      • ‘Office worker Mr Coleman, 23, was tweeting to his followers on his Blackberry while jogging to work when he cracked his head on a heavy low-hanging branch.’
      • ‘No one has ever made it to a million followers on the site.’
      • ‘But for Mr. Gall and his Facebook followers, the endless litany of bad economic news just isn't going to help them navigate the murky waters ahead.’
      • ‘Celebrities can attract tens of thousands of followers on Twitter.’
      • ‘Watson's followers on Twitter will watch his battles with interest.’
      • ‘The guy has 13,000 followers on Twitter.’
      • ‘To put that in perspective, he has 694,000 fewer followers than comedian Stephen Fry.’
      • ‘Here's one of the videos about, ironically, how to get more followers on Twitter.’
  • 2A person who moves or travels behind someone or something.

    • ‘Just as the shadow of his follower makes itself present from Lee's position, he prepares himself for a possible fight.’
    • ‘The figure in the trees was their shadow, their follower - their watcher.’
    • ‘The sound of her follower's car was quickly approaching from behind.’
    • ‘There were several hundred people together with hunt followers and about 100 mounted riders.’
    • ‘She ran as fast as she could and heard clearly behind her, her follower's footsteps.’
    • ‘Whereas before he had counted twenty-six followers behind the armoured barbarian, now he saw only twelve.’
    • ‘I stopped and looked around me, glancing behind to make sure that my follower was lost somewhere out there in the wilderness.’
    • ‘Behind him thousands of warrior followers thronged the courtyards of the fabled Tomb of Ali and did likewise.’
    • ‘Accustomed to yelling at recalcitrant dogs and pushy hunt followers, Ferry exudes authority and self-possession.’
    • ‘I yelled down at him and Ben glanced over his shoulder seeing our follower a mere ten steps behind.’
    • ‘Unfortunately for his follower, even the shadows did a poor job of hiding him.’