Definition of follow something up in English:

follow something up

phrasal verb

  • Pursue or investigate something further.

    ‘I decided to follow up the letters with phone calls’
    • ‘Hope Hospital is investigating why the first smear was not followed up and Claire was told she could not have cancer.’
    • ‘My contention is they didn't follow it up or investigate any of it further.’
    • ‘Every decade they will be followed up so that scientists can study which groups of patients go on to develop conditions such as cancer or heart disease.’
    • ‘Any site brought to our attention is followed up immediately and legal proceedings initiated where appropriate.’
    • ‘We carry out annual inspections and there are also spot checks and any complaints are followed up.’
    • ‘Your task is to follow up with the progress of each task and keep everyone on the same page.’
    • ‘Sabina excelled in her GCSE exams and now hopes to follow up her current course with a beautician course before going to university.’
    • ‘An eminent medical investigator followed it up a year later.’
    • ‘Our patients are part of an ongoing investigation, and they were followed up prospectively as part of their clinical evaluation process.’
    • ‘Five were found to be playing truant and their cases will be followed up by education welfare officers.’
    investigate, research, find out about, look into, dig into, delve into, make enquiries into, enquire about, ask questions about, pursue, chase up
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