Definition of folkish in English:



  • 1Characteristic of ordinary people or traditional culture.

    ‘folkish humour’
    • ‘I found two hero stones influenced by classical art, as good as any of the pediments in Halebid, while two others were folkish.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, a powerful folkish strain could be enjoyed at the Barbican.’
    • ‘So I decided against fussiness, and went for an almost folkish skirt to mid calf, strappy heeled sandals and a lacy bodice-style top.’
    • ‘The latter is straightforward, with a folkish simplicity.’
    • ‘However, there is a folkish charm to this vessel that gives it a unique appeal.’
    • ‘Only the Municipal Museum welcomes visitors with folkish displays of utensils and majolica.’
  • 2Relating to or resembling folk music.

    ‘the most conventionally folkish number on the album’
    • ‘There was plenty of jaunty energy in the folkish Intermezzo, enriched by bare fourths and fifths.’
    • ‘There's a yearning, folkish sound to the simple guitar part, reminiscent of Joni Mitchell; his eyes close as he sings, absorbed in the tune.’
    • ‘In the 1990s, the influence of Western pop music and of new native pop music in a folkish style, played on the accordion, became apparent.’
    • ‘Still, Boomerang Shoes is an utterly agreeable collection of folkish pop songs, one that warrants keeping an eye out for future endeavors.’
    • ‘For his part, James gave the songs a hearty, more traditionally folkish treatment; he played and sang beautifully, but not quite beautifully enough.’
    • ‘A tripping, folkish vocal stitched to a coruscating harmony produces an endlessly pleasant bump that has simplicity written all over it.’
    • ‘His own compositions are mostly fragmented, mournful affairs, stuffed with bursts of folkish melodies and oblique twists.’
    • ‘MacDonald played and sang any requests that the patrons dolled out, provided they were in line with his theme of upbeat folkish music.’
    • ‘Within this sacred space, all aesthetic forms attain equal value: the ‘throw away ditty’ has in the end as much ‘integrity and gravity’ as the ‘beautiful folkish song.’’
    • ‘At times the music sounds almost folkish, despite the apparently entirely electronic nature of its production.’
    • ‘With many European metal bands not choosing to incorporate folkish melodies, there existed a lacuna waiting to be filled.’
    • ‘Heady lyrics, set to folkish classical lilt, sung vibrantly by Kalapini Komkali, Shruti Sadolikar, Bela Shende or Hariharan cast spells.’
    • ‘More folkish than previous songs, with gentle guitar plucking in the background, it's a great song, but Lennox's vocals are, perhaps, too well known.’
    • ‘The trio hail from Montreal and a wonderfully quaint almost folkish tinge subtly permeates the album.’
    • ‘Tracks like ‘Ganja’ are perhaps more frivolous, while folkish songs like ‘Miss Me My Dear’ are more earnest and musically sparse.’
    • ‘After a folkish debut record and a jazzy sophomore outing, Cullen has truly found her voice on her third album, Uneven Hill.’