Definition of folkie in English:



  • A singer, player, or fan of folk music.

    ‘the record's pretty good for an old folkie’
    as modifier ‘folkie bands’
    • ‘There's nothing folkies like more than forming folkie supergroups.’
    • ‘But there's a lot more of John Lennon's pensive melodicism than Paul Simon's simpering folkie affectation in Smith's music.’
    • ‘Bob Dylan and other up-and-coming folkies made the pilgrimage and sang for him there.’
    • ‘She has a folkie's unjaded commitment to social justice, a punk's DIY ethic, and the incandescent charisma of a born pop star.’
    • ‘It's been a good couple of years for once-lost folkies.’
    • ‘I'd have liked to hear a record of new sensitive folkies who feel the influence of Tim and admiration for Jeff.’
    • ‘On disc two, he's the sensitive folkie heard on last year's All Her Love.’
    • ‘Frosh folkies will probably dig it, nonetheless.’
    • ‘In fact, the folkies ' fetishization of past forms ends up being more ethno-musicological librarianship than anything else.’
    • ‘It would be a little rash to dismiss Bragg and his Terminals as just another troupe of pop-sensitive, heart-on-sleeve folkies.’
    • ‘I can do without the strident folkie version of the overexposed folk standard ‘This Train’, but all in all, this is a pretty decent re-issue.’
    • ‘Earle's audience is a combination of alt-country, Texas fans who have stayed with him on his eccentric ride, roots rockers, and adventuresome folkies.’
    • ‘Nine artists - ranging from electronic acts, folkies and experimental rockers - gather on this album to pay tribute to Black Sabbath.’
    • ‘And like the old folkies, Franti now talks about his music as a community-building project.’
    • ‘He refused to be pigeon-holed by the folkies, the protesters or the rockers.’
    • ‘There was the icy refusal to be claimed by folkies, protesters, rockers, popsters or, indeed, anybody.’
    • ‘Unlike Seeger and so many of the northern folkies, Guthrie's bond to the ‘common folk’ was forged from personal experience.’
    • ‘Imagine if Joni Mitchell had teamed up with some British folkies like Nick Drake and John Martyn in the early seventies.’
    • ‘The folkies decried his ‘abandonment’ of their movement, and chastised him with a vitriolic fury that bordered on possession.’
    • ‘You young people and your bass-lines are ruining it for us old folkies.’
    singer, vocalist, soloist, songstress, crooner, warbler, melodist, artiste
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