Definition of folk song in English:

folk song


  • A song that originates in traditional popular culture or that is written in such a style.

    ‘a Scandinavian folk song’
    mass noun ‘this type of rhyme has survived only in folk song’
    • ‘He cherished some lovely old books containing the folk songs and traditional ballads of our land.’
    • ‘Groups singing carols and folk songs to the beat of local musical instruments would arrive unannounced at any time of the night.’
    • ‘At one point the actors begin to sing together, somewhat disjointedly in both a drinking song and a folk song.’
    • ‘They play sort of heavy music, but the songs are Old Norwegian folk songs.’
    • ‘We use hymns, folk songs and socialist anthems in a male voice choir tradition.’
    • ‘Swinging on the cot the womenfolk and children used to sing traditional folk songs and enjoy the rides.’
    • ‘American folk songs and patriotic songs played in the background but seemed strangely out of place in such an unfamiliar setting.’
    • ‘Both Ruth and Charles also arranged folk songs into concert works, just as Copland did.’
    • ‘Whether she is singing a traditional folk song, a ballad, or a song with a message, Baez is a singer without compare.’
    • ‘The song is a traditional Ghanaian folk song with lyrics written by Ra'anan Alexandrowicz.’
    • ‘Traditional folk song festivals are popular events dating back to 1869.’
    • ‘Students will love this new collection filled with folk songs and children's songs.’
    • ‘Among the most popular styles of folk songs are love songs and patriotic songs.’
    • ‘We did some concerts together, in which I paired some folk music with the Luciano Berio folk songs.’
    • ‘If you don't know many, you can find plenty of CDs with silly songs, folk songs and children's songs.’
    • ‘A folk singer dressed in traditional national costume sang a folk song, which originated from the region of Rhodope mountains.’
    • ‘To some extent, it's one of those pieces Vaughan Williams wrote to get English folk songs out to a wider audience.’
    • ‘In this compilation, appropriate music has been added, often based on folk songs or popular songs of the time.’
    • ‘Hundreds of North Koreans, including women in red traditional gowns, sang folk songs to greet her.’
    • ‘Contestants performed a variety of music from Thai pop songs to old folk songs or ballads from Isaan.’
    song, shanty, ditty, canzone
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folk song