Definition of folk singer in English:

folk singer

(also folksinger)


  • A person who sings folk songs, typically accompanying themselves on a guitar.

    • ‘American folk singer and '60s political musician airs her first live album in a decade.’
    • ‘Hundreds of folk singers were singing songs night after night.’
    • ‘Popular television shows feature Kyrgyz pop and folk singers and musicians.’
    • ‘A working-class genius, he was a folk singer, songwriter, poet, playwright and one of the funniest men that Scotland has known.’
    • ‘The last night of the Euro Jazz Sofia will begin with a set by Bulgarian jazz quartet Zone C and folk singer Yanka Rupkina.’
    • ‘She first came on the scene as a ballad and folk singer before moving to country music.’
    • ‘Gaughan is Scotland's foremost folk singer and songwriter, while Taylor is a craftsman writer of English songs.’
    • ‘Keighley-based folk singer / musician Maggie Boyle is getting busy this autumn with collaborators old and new.’
    • ‘Baird, a classical musician who communicates as strongly as the best folk singers, also phrases like an angel.’
    • ‘It's probably some sad Mexican folk singer who writes songs about how lonely the sea is.’
    • ‘Anyway, real folk singers like to sing about death, pain, injustice, poverty and oppression.’
    • ‘In Changsha, the four arbiters were an agent, a composer, a TV producer and a folk singer.’
    • ‘In this he was not unique - most of the folk singers in the Village began to write and sing protest songs.’
    • ‘This time we hear the folk songs themselves on tape, Berio's own recording of an Italian folk singer.’
    • ‘Every time this folk singer sings in her guttural voice, she draws a motley audience around her courtyard.’
    • ‘The music of American folk singer Hurley has claimed a lasting spot in Briggs' heart.’
    • ‘All this is interspersed with, and illustrated by, songs from folk singer Roy Bailey.’
    • ‘In the late '60s, when the Elektra label began to have successes with folk singers, it branched out, licensing music from Europe.’
    • ‘The drinkers perform a comedic caterwaul while the folk singers create a dissonant background to the absurdity.’
    • ‘Yet Tabor is also far more than just a folk singer.’


folk singer

/ˈfəʊk sɪŋə/