Definition of folk hero in English:

folk hero


  • A person who is greatly admired for their achievements by the ordinary people of a country or region.

    ‘a book about famous Scottish folk hero and outlaw Rob Roy McGregor’
    • ‘For many Malians, the ancestors who actively resisted colonization are folk heroes.’
    • ‘The songs are based on the exploits of a well-known folk hero.’
    • ‘Many of their folk heroes achieved their status through courageous battles with oppressors.’
    • ‘It is named for a Jamaican folk hero, "John Canoe."’
    • ‘The invasion has made the dictator a folk hero throughout a region where he was previously unpopular.’
    • ‘Suddenly, the cowboy was elevated to the status of a national folk hero.’
    • ‘They're the folk heroes of the new millennium.’
    • ‘The persecuted poor of Australia turn the Kelly brothers into folk heroes, a modern-day Robin Hood.’
    • ‘Popular songs are sung by folk heroes with humble origins.’
    • ‘That commitment to science made him a folk hero among engineers.’