Definition of folk dance in English:

folk dance


  • A popular dance considered as part of the tradition of a particular people or area.

    ‘well-known folk dances’
    ‘ballet steps complicated by borrowings from folk dance’
    • ‘She was mainly taught folk dance, but modern dance was also incorporated to a small degree.’
    • ‘The Pongal dance, Holi dance and the folk dances performed by the students kept up the traditional touch.’
    • ‘But he told this reporter that his route was from folk dance to modern dance.’
    • ‘The most famous English folk dance is the Morris dance, still seen at local festivals.’
    • ‘Fiesta de Sevillanas, staged by all of the participating dancers, is one of the most popular folk dances in Spain.’
    • ‘The Russians clearly took folk dances and stylized them so they became part of the ballet vocabulary.’
    • ‘From the Vaishnavas come the legends and mythology of Krishna, to whom are ascribed the popular Ras and Garba folk dances.’
    • ‘In a popular folk dance called the hopak, male dancers compete against each other, performing acrobatic leaps.’
    • ‘Israel also has a lively tradition of folk dances, which are performed by professional troupes and at occasions such as weddings.’
    • ‘There are two categories of traditional dance: court dances and folk dances performed by farmers, shamans, and villagers.’
    • ‘These were distinct from folk dances like the ‘Perani’ and ‘Prenkhani’, which were performed in open arenas.’
    • ‘On the day we performed, Italian artists in full Renaissance regalia offered opera, folk dances and other historical entertainment.’
    • ‘One of the most common and generalized folk dances is the hora (circle dance), danced by men and women holding hands.’
    • ‘The fandango and other popular folk dances are enjoyed throughout the country.’
    • ‘Though an expert in western dance, the class VI student prefers the traditional folk dances.’
    • ‘The reception is accompanied by music and dancing, including popular Romanian songs and folk dances.’
    • ‘The Jabro, again, is a popular folk dance of the Changpan tribe of Changthan area of Ladakh.’
    • ‘Renaat began dancing in the Flemish folk dance movement in the 1950s.’
    • ‘Jhumar, Sammi, Luddi, and the sword dance are all popular folk dances of the Punjab.’
    • ‘The folk dances were a bit bouncy, rather than earthbound, but done with exuberant energy.’


folk dance