Definition of folder in English:



  • 1A folding cover or holder, typically made of stiff paper or card, for storing loose papers.

    • ‘He handed them a brown folder marked ' TOP SECRET '.’
    • ‘Happy Birthday, Rowena thought, trudging back to her desk with the folder under her arm.’
    • ‘His face looked weary and he was carrying a thin folder under his arm.’
    • ‘In shock, Lisa dropped the folder in her hand.’
    • ‘The bell rang and I stuffed my loose paper into a folder as I threw the pen in a bag and grabbed all my stuff.’
    • ‘Clarke pulled out a Manila file folder and handed it to Vaughn.’
    • ‘The woman dropped a folder containing paperwork referring to Provident Personal Credit.’
    • ‘Right, he thinks with a grimace, clutching the folder in his hand.’
    • ‘How would you like it if he fiddled around in a folder named Anna's stuff?’
    • ‘Some open the clear plastic folders containing their work and look over what they did in yesterday's class.’
    • ‘Dr. Anthony Monroe sat down in front of him, resting a brown folder on the table.’
    • ‘She had been carrying a rather large yellow folder with the brackets at the top, latching it closed.’
    • ‘Butterworth produces a folder full of crayons, pastels, watercolours.’
    • ‘These folders were used to store the sketch, tracing paper, felt, burlap and any other work in progress for the length of this lesson.’
    • ‘Russell's boss slid a Manila file folder across the desk.’
    • ‘He had a bag in one hand and a thin, Manila file folder in the other.’
    • ‘President Heartslain threw to her a thick yellow folder with a 100-page report.’
    • ‘He went over to a filing cabinet and pulled out a thick folder.’
    • ‘My breath had been caught in my chest ever since she'd opened the folder containing the sketches.’
    • ‘At the end of one session, our collages were placed on the drying rack and our remaining colors of paper were stored in our folders.’
    file, binder, ring binder, portfolio, document case
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    1. 1.1Computing A directory containing related files or documents.
      • ‘As I was clearing out the email trash folder last week, this made me smile.’
      • ‘So this morning I created a new folder called Reply.’
      • ‘The next step is to decompress the Administrative Update into a folder on your hard drive.’
      • ‘All suspect junk mail is sent in a new junk mail folder.’
      • ‘The filter spits it into the junk mail folder and you never see it.’
  • 2North American A folded leaflet or a booklet made of folded sheets of paper.

    • ‘But then, a little ways in front of it, there is a long, brown desk with a few folders and flyers for different community events.’
    • ‘Nowhere did they measure up to the advertising folders, or to the conception these had formed in my mind's eye.’
    • ‘Could worship bulletins or folders be prepared in large print by enlarging them on the photocopier?’
    • ‘The quality control folders were identified as substandard in five of their six assessments (each folder had two peer and one external group assessments).’
    • ‘The log folder can also be used to record shop drawing and material sample transmissions.’
    • ‘The teacher was about to answer when he noticed Jill, who was reading from her folder.’
    • ‘Stamps were pasted into booklets or folders and redeemed for merchandise.’
    • ‘An information folder full of help sheets and forms lay on a table which she directed me to.’
    • ‘Blenders and simple recipe folders will be issued to every new parent at post-natal nutrition classes.’