Definition of fogeydom in English:


(also fogydom)


  • See fogey

    • ‘Suddenly it occurs to you there are worse possibilities out there than having your musical tastes and fashion sense consigned to the junk heap of fogydom.’
    • ‘Of course that was 22 years ago and thereafter we sank hopelessly back into old fogydom, but we do remember that high mark.’
    • ‘It's not a perception he wants to encourage at the age of 38, which is verging on old fogeydom in the rarefied world of cutting-edge math.’
    • ‘‘The soccer was never sold out when I was a kid,’ I said, lunging irrevocably into the world of fogydom the instant the words left my lips.’
    • ‘Oh, well, I watch Teletubbies to relax, so no fogeydom in my future.’