Definition of fog bank in English:

fog bank


  • A dense mass of fog, especially at sea.

    • ‘The fog bank approached, and I readied myself for chilling cold.’
    • ‘As if emerging from a fog bank, Jesse Webb's face coalesced before his eyes.’
    • ‘Every chance they got, a hapless player would dribble into the invisible fog bank, only to come out gagging and staring at Rob.’
    • ‘I was exploring California, when suddenly I found myself within the vicinity of a fog bank.’
    • ‘The French steamer Margaux came into the fog bank from the French side.’
    • ‘It lay upon the hall like a fog bank for endless seconds, and then Halâshu broke it.’
    • ‘It warms the middle of the fog bank, helping with the evaporation process.’
    • ‘Dense fog banks form where the cold northern Labrador Current meets the Gulf Stream off of Newfoundland.’
    • ‘A fog bank is harder to see when there is snow on the ground so keep your eyes on the road.’
    • ‘A fog bank had rolled in, and covered the entire coast in its mistiness.’
    • ‘Only two minutes after we touched down on deck, the same fog bank overtook the ship.’
    • ‘The M - 6 is basically a hand-held lighthouse - all you need is a fog bank and an air horn.’
    • ‘He could find his way home from there and this fog bank couldn't last forever.’
    • ‘Within the blanketing fog bank, ships altered their headings and rang up battle speed.’
    • ‘By the time they had reached the search area, a fog bank had rolled in from the lake, shrouding the shoreline.’
    • ‘Flying into Fairbanks in the winter is odd, because the town is covered by a fog bank, sort of like the island in the remake of King Kong.’
    • ‘I could see a dense fog bank just outside the entrance to the harbor.’
    • ‘He has constructed a cloud atop San Francisco's Moscone Conference Center and a fog bank at the city's jail.’
    • ‘I then immediately put my nose down and headed for the fog bank over the beach.’
    • ‘Half way down the runway, just abeam the tower, we popped out of the fog bank into conditions that were ‘clear and a million.’’